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Ajmi Rice Powder 1kg

Ajmi Rice Powder 1kg



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Top quality rice flour perfectly ground and hygienically packed to make a whole range of delectable delicacies.

Method of Preparation
Ajmi Pathiri: Boil one and half cup of water with salt to taste and 1 teaspoon oil. Add 1 cup Ajmi Freshmade TM Pathiripodi (Rice powder) gradually into it in low flame and stir so as to prevent forming lumps. When it is still warm knead the dough well. After it is soft and pliable make small balls out of it. Then dip the ball one by one in Pathiripodi (Rice Powder) and make thin flat circular shaped Pathiri. Then heat it on tawa without oil. Tasty Ajmi Pathiri is ready now.

Ajmi Idiyappam: Boil 2 cups of water with salt to taste and 1 tablespoon oil. After lowering the flame and 1 cup Ajmi Freshmade TM Idiyappapodi (Rice powder) gradually into it and stir so as to prevent forming lumps. The mixed dough is put into the Idiyappam maker and squeezed into each of the Idli thattams spread thinly with oil. Steam it for 10 minutes. Tasty Ajmi Idiyappam is ready now.

Ajmi Vellayappam: Add 4-5 teaspoon Ajmi FreshmadeTM Appapodi in 1/4 cup of water and boil to make ‘kappi’. Grind half grated coconut with some jeera and 1-2 small onion. The ‘kappi’ and grinded portion is added into 1/2 kg Ajmi Freshmade TM Appapodi (Rice powder) together with 5-6 glass of water and one pinch of yeast and mixt it well. Keep it for 10-12 hours for fermenting. Afterwards and salt to taste and spread the batter in Appachatti to make Vellayappam one by one. Tasty Ajmi Vellayappam is ready.




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